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K9 Chiro: Information for the Performance Dog
 and the Pampered Pet
California Veterinary Hospital, Gardena CA and Northridge Animal Medical Center, Northridge, CA offer Chiropractic for your pets

Pets have become increasingly closer to us in the 21st Century.  They are no longer pieces of equipment to be used to transport goods or gather livestock.  Although some animals are still used for that purpose, in the United States, we’re finding intrinsic value in our relationship with them.

Dog sports have blossomed in the last few years because they foster better relationships with our dogs.  Agility, flyball, drafting, disc dogs, Earthdogs, tracking, obedience and confirmation all help increase our understanding of our pets, as well as helping us share a sense of fun with them.

This shift in our view of pets leads us to care for them more meticulously.  We’re buying high quality food, doing more training, buying more toys, and giving them better health care.  Chiropractic is part of that movement to improve the health and well being of our pets, especially performance dogs. 

"Many dogs with painful joints will benefit from regular chiropractic
adjustments because they are using their muscles unevenly to avoid pain on one side or the other."

From "With a Flick of the Wrist" (Dogs in Canada, Sept 2003) by Chris Zink,DVM,PhD


Vet Advisory: Animal chiropractic is in no way a substitute for regular veterinary care. Your animal Chiropractor works only by referral from your Vet to ensure the best possible care for your animal.

From one of Dr. Haworth's clients

My name is Jo Anne Ybaben and I have bred and shown Papillons in both conformation and agility since 2001.   I first started taking my dogs to Dr. Eileen Haworth D.C. in 2007 when one of my dogs was not showing as well as I expected and a friend suggested that she be examined by a Chiropractor.  On a recommendation I took her to Dr. Haworth and we discovered that her back was severely out of alignment to the point it had effected the development of her thigh muscles.    I currently have three Papillons that see Dr. Haworth on a regular basis, and several others that utilize her help when the need arises. 

CH Brevette Kid Incredible “Dash”

Dr. Haworth has been invaluable in keeping my Papillons healthy.  She has diagnosed injuries that other doctors have not been able to find, she excels at managing chronic injuries and ongoing care for my dog athletes, and most important of all, my dogs love her!  Thanks to her my agility dogs are able to compete at their highest levels and my breed dogs can show off their exceptional conformation.  I consider Dr. Haworth to be instrumental in the success of my group winning special CH Brevette Kid Incredible “Dash” as well as all my top dogs! 

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