Eileen L. Haworth, DC

Certified by the American
Veterinary Chiropractic Association

Meet Dr. Haworth                          

Eileen L. Haworth, D.C. has been in practice for more than twenty years.  She graduated from the Southern California University of Health Science (formerly Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) in 1979.

Dr. Haworth practices with her husband, Dan Altchuler, D.P.M., a Podiatrist, in Santa Monica CA. Their practice specializes in injuries, and gait disorders of active (athletic) people. Her work with Dan and other Podiatrists has lead her to extensive knowledge and treatment of gait.

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She entered the United States Olympic Team Medical selection process in 1982.  She was chosen to be a
member of the United States Olympic Medical Team for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. She was honored as the FIRST Chiropractor to participate for the U.S.  At the Games, she treated athletes from almost every Olympic sport.  She continued to work with the United States Olympic Committee for over seven years after the Games.

In 2002 Dr. Haworth was diagnosed with Cancer.  Everything is fine now. However, the threat of cancer and
dying lead her to pursue a lifelong passion with animals.

In 2004 Dr. Haworth became a certified animal Chiropractor by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  She carries her interest in gait into her work with animals and dog sports.

She has been competing in dog agility for over ten years.  Her Shih Tzu, Peanut, was the number ten agility Shih Tzu in the country in 2002.

Eileen and Dan live with their dogs (Border Collies-Lady, Stroller, Radar,  Arrow, Cache, Dazzle & Spiral, their Shih Tzu, Peanut, and Jessa, a West Highland Terrier) , a Morgan horse, Topaz, and a Miniature horse, Cooper, in Topanga,CA.


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