Simple stretches to improve your animal’s flexibility

1. Poll stretch: (between and behind ears)
offer a treat between the front legs. Only allow them to get the treat if they flex their head reach between the front legs.

2. Side to side: (neck stretch)
offer a treat at the shoulder forcing the dog to turn its neck to one side to get the treat.

3. Hamstring stretch: (back of thigh above hock)
lay your dog on her side, gently bring with the top back leg toward her head.

4. Quadriceps stretch:( front of thigh above hock)
lay your dog on this side, gently bring the top back leg toward the tail.
Simple exercises to improve your animal’s strength

1.Wave-front limbs
teach your dog to wave. With the dog sitting ask the dog to raise it’s paw as if to shake.
Train the dog to lift it’s paw higher and shake the paw up and down

2.Wheelbarrow-front limbs
pick your dog up around it’s waist so that the dog is standing on it’s front legs. Ask the dog to walk on it’s front legs

3.Beg-hind limbs
Ask your dog to sit, then beg with it’s front legs. This is a variation of the wave

4.Dance with your dog-hind legs
Allow the dog to jump up on you. Gently hold the front legs and move with small steps

Vet Advisory: Animal chiropractic is in no way a substitute for regular veterinary care. Your animal Chiropractor works only by referral from your Vet to ensure the best possible care for your animal.